""Besides, this thing was a bad idea anyways.""

― Project: Runa[[source]]

Bio Edit

Early Life Edit

Project Runa is known to have had a rough upbringing in an oppressive family, and is not known to talk much about his past. From what's been gathered, though, he, then going by a very different name, grew up with a very poor family life. His siblings were almost always awful to him, except those who had already left. His mother would never stand up for him, and his father was borderline abusive. Not only this, but instead of fostering his love of technology and experimenting, his family was appalled and repulsed by it, threatening to throw him out on to the streets for what he'd been doing. However, he ran this risk, and was caught and, as his family had promised, thrown out of their house, and of their lives.

His life would continue on a somewhat sore path, though it did get better. He got odd jobs and lodging from sympathetic people he'd meet, and spent most of his money on buying things for his projects. Eventually, he even started selling those, using his funds in working on one project in particular - Project: Runa. His plan was to augment his body into that of something more than human, so as to take on the evil of the world. Once many of his different sympathizers learned of this, they too cast him out as well, causing him to have to live on the streets and in abandoned buildings for a time. Eventually, at age 14 he somehow completed his project, powering it with a material he found in a meteor crash, a material he dubbed 'Veriperium'. He as well would disown the birthname he had been originally given, the last connection he had to his past other than his very appearance. From that day, whoever he may have been before was no more. Now, all that was left was Project: Runa.

Runa would continue creating and selling other projects, usually not showing up in person and, if he did, being very careful not to show off his augmentations. Eventually he'd even start a small business, gain monetary help from friends, and buy himself a small(ish), semi-secluded house where he could work on his real passion and job: 'taking care of' those who deserved it most.'

Pre-Majestic League Edit

During this time, at about age 17, Runa would have an encounter with a choice extraterrestrial known as Surius Sarcalla. Surius initiated an altercation because of a misunderstanding, a perceived breaking of the law that Runa had committed. In this altercation, Runa had lost his right forearm. After retreating, he created a detachable mechanical arm to replace his old one, a device that would eventually be modified into Project: Knockout. As a silver lining, the loss of Runa's arm also gave him the ability and opportunity to finally develop and create a project he'd had the idea of for quite a while - Project: Judgement.

Majestic League Edit

Eventually, Runa handed the business off to a friend of his, staying partly active but in a more 'hands-off' advisory approach. At that point, he went on to start heroing full-time in a nearby area which seemed like it needed his protection most: Brantwood, Michigan, the so-called "City of Heroes."

During this time, Project: Runa fought off many various, mostly small-time criminals and villains who had taken up residence in the city. But among Runa's most notable adventures soon began, when a team of villains sent by The Gamemaster broke into his secret base to steal a piece of technology. Together with other heroes who had been in the area, Runa drove them off, but not before the villains escaped with the technology. Runa agreed to join Mark Mcneil's team of heroes to help bring down the villain team. While in The Majestic League, Runa played a large role in the bringing down of The Gamemaster. However, The Gamemaster still escaped from Earth with Scrapper before Runa could succesfully bring him to justice. Runa then attempted to apprehend Manpower and Switchblade, the only remaining criminals left. But they too escaped, adding injury to insult by wounding Runa with shrapnel in the process.

Majestic League: Volume 2Edit

Additionally, Runa is credited with being among the primary people to deal with the event known as "the Plague Doctor Crisis". He was in fact the first hero to investigate the mysterious killings committed by the enigmatic Plague Doctor, and among the only beings to have combated him head-on during that time. Runa's biggest accomplishment in stopping The Plague Doctor Crisis was when he synthesized an antidote for the zombie virus that was spreading through the city, using formulas provided by a whistleblower from Chem-X. Together with Adam Stone, Detective Pierce, Kaleo Keen, Axiom and Gridmaster, he defeated and killed both The Plague Doctor and The Moon, one of The Five Heavenly Kings that had been released by the plague doctor cult. Afterwards, Runa used a dispersion machine to distribute the antidote throughout the city, completely curing and eradicating the zombie virus. After that having been accomplished, he left the city to once more reside in his secluded home, and begin building up the first of a series of project build sites he would set up around the continental U.S. Dubbing it Build Site: Gaia, he used it as a staging area for the creation of more projects, and one certain long-term project in particular.

Pre-2059 Edit

In time, Runa realized the limitations of his mechanical parts, which he figured would put an early end to his career. As such, at age 25, he would develop the suit known as Project: Novus, and set out to find someone to take up the mantel and learn how to become a hero under his guidance. His first choice was Kaleo Keen. Briefly after, though, Kaleo gave back the suit in pursuit of his own hero identity, which would later become known as "Resonate".

And so, Runa began travelling the world in search of someone else to take up the role. In such time, he traveled to many countries, including Japan. When in Kyoto, the suit was stolen for a short time by a young man known as Shouya Ito, who used it to commit petty crimes for his own benefit. He had the suit for less than a week, though, before Runa took it back from him by force, reclaiming the suit. Little did Runa realize at the time, however, that he in fact instilled some part of his own legacy in Shouya, leaving him with a taste to make his own suit and eventually become the armored vigilante known as Renegade.

After searching for a few more years, during which he started taking a step back from hero work to take a hidden, hands-on position at his old company, Nunciam Innovation Co, Runa would have another encounter with Surius, during which a young girl by the name of Catherine Grey jumped in to attempt to save him when he was in trouble. She was beaten quickly, but gave Runa enough time to recover and beat Surius and drive him away. Due to her drive to help and her instinct to save him,and to make sure she wouldn't get herself killed, he decided to give her the chance to be Project: Novus, a title she now holds to present.

2059: The Superhero RevolutionEdit

Runa continued to operate in his position at Nunciam and his role in coaching Catherine throughout the next while, heading out in public very seldom on his own. Notable things he did do in this time was the finding and rehabilitating of Xano Miro, the saving of his sister Lyra Miro's life, creating the healing chamber known as Project: Miracle, helping Mark Mcneil flee persecution from The Government and later resurrecting him, the major fight against Black Hood in "The Battle for New Evo", the defeat, capture, and rehabilitation of the Celestial known as Llillaa Teenuka, and the creation of the orbital defense satellite/laser known as Project: Meteor.

2059: The Invasion/"The Meteor Incident"Edit

On July 22, 2059, Project: Meteor was launched from Build Site: Venus, and infected by the sentient computer virus known as Malware. There to watch the launch were Runa, Catherine, and Llillaa, who all followed the orbital laser into space to stop the virus from shooting the laser at the planet. In the battle, Runa entered the inner workings of the satellite and activated LR: Catastrophic Core Implosion, a self-destruct measure he had built into himself as a just in case. In doing so, he destroyed the satellite, saving them from the destructive blast.

Project: Runa Functions Edit



Bladeless-style wings

Reckless-Mechanical Overdrive(Releases inhibitors on power source, allowing large power boost, with damage to Runa after a prolonged time)

Reckless-Mechanical Core Shot(Redirects produced energy back into energy core and shoots it outwards from there, creating a large destructive laser blast)

Last Resort: Catastrophic Core Implosion(Redirects all energy into the core and stores it there, creating a chain reaction, completely destroying the core and releasing destructive energy in all directions, destroying everything in the vicinity.

Created Projects Edit

Project: ExcelleratorEdit


Projects Excellerator,Meteor, Miracle and Boreas

This is his ship/mobile lab. It is a small, incredibly mobile ship with little to no actual offensive capability. To make up for this, it's quite fast and easy to move. It has a small lab/workshop in the back on a gyroscope so everything doesn't go flying everywhere during evasive maneuvers. It Can hold 1-3 people comfortably, up to four in a pinch. The name comes from "Accelerate" and "Excel" as in 'to be exceptionally good.

Project: KeeneyenEdit

A device that attaches to his upper forearm and is fashioned after a mechanical-style wolf head. It has the ability to scan objects and organisms to determine structure, potential weakpoints, and other useful information of this sorts. Name comes from "Canine," "Keen" as in be highly developed, and "Eye Project: X-Caliber

Project: GardnaEdit

A device that attaches to the upper forearm with the ability to create a forcefield shield. Name comes from a corruption of “Guard".

Project: X-CaliberEdit

Formerly named "Project: Bladearm", but was rechristened to its current name in Majestic League VOL. 2. It is a device that attaches to his upper forearm that has the ability to extend out a horizontal blade, with the ability to release a powerful electrical shock from the blade. Not much else to it other than to enhance hand-to-hand capabilities. The name comes from the ancient sword "Excalibur," X(Usually a way of showing high rank) and caliber, and in level of excellence

Project: JudgementEdit

A device that can replace his forearm, which is completely robotic after having been lost in a previous fight. It is fashioned after a lion head with wings on the side and primarily gold colored instead of the usual silver. While it takes time to prime the weapon, it also fires off a gigantic white laser of destruction which is about as large in diameter as Project: Runa is tall. It also takes time to cool down after use.

Project: KnockoutEdit

A device fashioned from his mechanical right arm. It has the ability to extend short blades from between his knuckles(about 1.5 inches out)that can inject various substances into opponents through through small holes in the blades. The liquids are stored in small "shot" vials, and 3 can be stored within the project at a time. Runa has acid against which the insides of the device and the shot vials are coated, intense tranquilizers originally made to subdue Berserker, and an antitoxin for paralyzing agents he had encountered as well as an antidote to a zombie virus, both of were produced by The Cult of The Plague Doctors. The Berserker tranquilizers came into Richard Servastus' possession following Project Runa's death.

Project: SolEdit

A pointed disk-shaped device that can be stored on his hip, but is used by throwing. It shoots out many small bits from the main body that can stick into walls and ceilings, and can magnetize them back in after use. All these, including the main body, produce a harsh bright light, eliminating most shadows and darkness in an area. It was produced to more easily combat shadow walkers, namely Sadie Volara. Like the tranquilizers from Project: Knockout, this invention was also acquired by Richard Servastus after Project: Runa's death.

Project: HelixEdit

A device that can replace his right forearm. it consists of two large barrels, each about 3/4 the width of his arm, set next to each other on a rotating platform, both about 1.5x the length of his forearm. One barrel(A metallic gold/red) shoots an incredibly hot substance, while the other(A metallic silver/blue) an incredibly cold one. They can spin on the turntable incredibly fast, the beams they shoot forming a double-helix shape if this is done. Created to combat robotic/metallic creatures on the basis of rapidly heating/cooling metal making it more brittle.

Project: MeteorEdit

A large satellite, made of three parts, α, β, and γ, being a large laser, destructive bombs, and protective drones, respectively.

Project: MiracleEdit

Has the ability to speed up the healing process of broken bones or lesser injuries and regenerate some lost tissue, and can help ease prior medical conditions. However, such permanent injuries or ailments as lost limbs or blindness cannot be reversed. The inspiration for this project came from Bruce Morgan's personal healing chamber. It has been used to treat Project Runa's wounds after his fight with Black Hood, treat Lyra Miro's disease, and help to resurrect Mark Mcneil by healing the puncture wounds he had received in his heart after being impaled by Savager.

Project: Novus Edit

A suit that gives the user access to abilities similar to those of Project: Runa himself, currently in the possession of Catherine Grey

Project: Master-Moonedge Edit

A blade-like weapon similar in design to Project: X-Caliber, minus the electrical capabilities.

Project: Boreas Edit

A weapon capable of shooting a "kinetic-freeze-blast," a type of blast that hits with kinetic energy, and is cold enough to freeze anything it comes into contact with.

Project: Camouflage Edit

A ring and bracelet that on the outside appear to be normal pieces of girl's jewelry. But in fact, they are miniature "stealth" versions of Project: Gardna and Catherine's suit's lasers. Together, they make up Project: Camouflage, as a way for her to protect herself and others if she comes across danger during her everyday life, since the entire Project: Novus suit's a bit laborious to just carry around.

Project: Lead Edit

Although this project had never technically been completed, its concept and design had been devised by Project Runa. It would have been a device that counteracted Jacob Greene's mind control powers.

Project: Beast(Non-canon) Edit

Although this project is not canon to The Mctoran-Verse, it is still considered to he worth mentioning. Project: Beast is a heavy exosuit armor made to be additionally worn over Runa's existing suit, to make him more durable and increase his strength when combatting larger, stronger or heavier foes.

In a story separate from the Mctoran-Verse continuity, Runa created this project following an overwhelming battle with a large reptillian humanoid monster, in which his suit sustained some damages and his body received a few injuries. The intent of the project was so that such a thing never again occured for Runa when fighting bigger enemies.

Alternate Universes(Canon)Edit

Comradery FallenEdit

This is potentially the only AU version of Runa that could possibly be considered canon to the RP universe. In this story, in a faraway star system, there lives a group of creatures representing Death, whose jobs are to guide newly departed souls to the underworld. Leading this army is a being named Runa, Bringer of Death. He made an appearance in the last Resistance, helping to fight The Xir'algath. This being resides in an Alternate Universe, though his similar design and appearance to Project Runa is uncanny. When questioned on this matter, Bringer of Death responded with: "I doubt there's any real connection. Just a large coincidence. Things like that just happen in an infinite multiverse, I guess." So it is possible that Project Runa and Runa, Bringer of Death could merely just be alternate representations of one another throughout the Multiverse.

Alternate Universes(Non-Canon)Edit

Station of NamesEdit

In this RP, Project: Runa hails from an alternate Earth, in which some people are capable of incredible mental prowess much more than our Earth, such as Project Runa himself. Simply put, most people are as smart as himself. Due to this, the world is hundreds of years ahead of ours in technology. He ended up being transported to a strange train station-like pocket realm after being pulled through a mysterious interdimensional rift.

Enhanced Global Protection Agency(EGPA)Edit

In this RP, Project: Runa was recruited by the UN to be a part of a team of heroes to defend Earth from an imminent alien invasion.

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